The Great Riddle

The Great Riddle is set forth in Chapter XIV of my book, i.e., “True Honesty.” It has been handed-down over many hundreds of years, within the ages old health/wellness arts that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow. Its goal is to promote a deep sense of healthful philosophical insight, critical thinking skills, True Honesty, and an enhanced objective view of the world in anyone who seriously works toward answering it. It is the journey toward finding its answer which is key as such, on multiple levels. There is one primary answer and two secondary answers.

In attempting to discover the answer(s) to the Great Riddle, consider the following clues:

It can be fictional, formulated, and designed – though it does not have to be; when paying attention to it (or them), it is most always problem and answer-oriented and it is always right in front of you…this moment and each moment; you always have one or many versions of it – in fact you yourself are a version of it; it can and is infinite things – any shape, size, color, dimension, dead or alive, or having never lived, animate or inanimate; it is usually made-up of a combination of things all at once; we are all quite aware of it or its versions and have dealt with it or its versions countless times; it can be abstract or tangible or both at the same time; you can hear about it, read about it, and discuss it – in many cases, the more you do so, the more it can seem that you understand it.

As important of a clue as any, is that it can be anything, everything, or seem to be nothing at all; it often displays itself naturally, though it can be a product of imagination, whim, and/or as said, formulated and designed.

It may take a moment or a lifetime, if ever, to find the answer to the Great Riddle. In realizing insight into the overall purpose of the Great Riddle, please ask yourself this question: If there is a ‘key to the universe,’ e.g., True Happiness, would you recognize it? In accordance with the traditions of True Health philosophy, discovering the answer to the Great Riddle and enjoying True Happiness both necessitate a particularly healthful level of humility, selflessness, and True Honesty. — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)

*The story behind the Great Riddle goes back to the year 1674:

Upon the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple (of Fujian Province) by troops of the new Manchurian dynasty, only five monks (coined the ‘Five Ancestors’) survived. According to this story set forth by tradition, each of the five monks traveled in different directions in their escape. One of the surviving monks, Li Shih Kaik, stayed in Fujian Province, going to its capital city, Fuzhou. There, he was secreted and cared for by a respected family, e.g., the Li family. Tradition does not set forth as to whether their surname was already Li, and if they took on the Li family name after coming into contact with Li Shih Kaik. Li Shih Kaik was a great master of Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and corresponding health and wellness arts. He offered to stay with the family and teach them the arts…if any of the family members could solve what he set forth as the Great Riddle. The story is that none of the family members seemed able to solve the riddle. Master Li was about to leave, when an excited young girl from the family ran up to him displaying happy and heartfelt tears, and gave him the answer to the riddle. Deeply touched, Master Li stayed and taught the Arts to the family. It is through this family lineage that the traditions of these Arts have been handed-down.


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