Counseling & Wellness Coaching

Counseling & Wellness Coaching

Dr. Glen Hepker is a part-time individual & marital counselor and wellness coach in the cognitive-behavioral tradition. Counseling focuses most specifically on emotional difficulties, and wellness coaching centers on general health/wellness priorities and issues (of the whole person). Both center on building on client dreams and purposes, assisting clients in turning goals into achievable plans and actions – intention into reality. The ultimate goal of both counseling and wellness coaching is to assist clients in gaining deeper and deeper insight (inclusive of their values and objectives), thus increasing self-awareness, developing a more healthful self-concept, & enjoying greater and greater levels of self- efficacy – realization of the wherewithal to sustain healthful changes and blossom further and further toward their own vision of True Health (as a way-of-life).

  • Counseling and wellness coaching offer a close relationship and partnership, providing the structure, accountability, expertise, and
    inspiration to enable an individual to learn, grow, and develop beyond what she/he can do alone.
  • They help clients identify and clarify their priorities and areas for development.
  • They employ a diverse array of assessment, psychological, and behavior change tools to empower clients to take charge, connect with their deepest motivators, and learn how to grow and change
  • Counseling and wellness coaching sessions are generally scheduled weekly (or as needed) – to assist clients in clarifying where they want to go, and initiate steps to get there.
  • Clients make sustainable changes in self-understanding, more and more objective insight, self-concept, and behavior during the counseling/coaching process.
  • Counseling and wellness coaching are methods of supporting change and growth that blends proven techniques for behavior change with personal growth techniques in a process which assists people in witnessing where they are, see where they want to go, and how to get there.
  • They build upon the belief that every client is creative and resourceful.
  • They work with the whole person and her/his core values – seeking to connect the client’s inner world with his/her outer reality.
  • Counselors assist clients in focusing primarily on the emotional aspects of the inner being…inclusive of interpersonal relationships, while wellness coaches assist clients in focusing both on the inner and outer being – inclusive of external performance and health/wellness of the whole self. Both counseling and wellness coaching typically employ a process of inquiry, reflection, and personal discovery to build client awareness, co-create solutions, and establish and reach behavioral outcomes and

In Summary, counseling and wellness coaching

  • Facilitate insight and clarity through inquiry, reflection, and personal discovery.
  • Elicit client-generated and/or collaborative solutions and strategies.
  • Honor the wisdom, resourcefulness, and creativity within each client.
  • Work with the whole person.
  • Stir people to accomplish more.
  • Focus on the present and toward creation of desired futures and visions.
  • Assist clients in formulating short and long-term plans.
  • Focus on the priorities and issues of clients, building on their dreams and purpose.
  • Help clients turn goals into achievable action plans – intention into reality.
  • Counselors/coaches assist their clients in gaining insight into their values and goals by asking insight-provoking questions; thus prompting clients to increase their self-awareness, develop a new self-concept, and realize the ability to clarify their priorities and goals. The ultimate goal in any counseling/client or coaching/client relationship is client self-efficacy, e.g., realization of the ability to sustain healthful changes and blossom further and further toward their own vision of True Health. The partnership between a counselor/client or a coach/client offers profound levels of support and encouragement. It can assist clients in pulling themselves out of a ‘rut.’ Counseling and coaching deepen client understanding of themselves and what motivates them.
  • An important dimension of counseling and coaching is that counselors and coaches assist people in realizing a healthful means of change – to master the self-change process and reach self-efficacy – the “ability
    to achieve and sustain behavior change in the face of my obstacles.” Carl Jung also said that, “The greatest and most important problems of life are all in a certain sense insoluble…they can never be solved, but only outgrown…This ‘outgrowing’ in one’s personal evolution is viewed as being a healthful realization of greater and greater levels wellbeing.

Counselor/coach Glen Hepker has doctorate degrees in psychology and health/wellness arts. Additionally, he is a master instructor of tai chi chuan, chi kung, kung fu, and health/wellness philosophy and practices. He has written a book, e.g., A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health (available at the wellness center, online, and in bookstores).

From the perspective of the wellness center and school, it is important to understand that our clear primary goal/concern is the wellbeing of clients and students, e.g., inclusive of nurturing health and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit: at a level in which each client and student is comfortable, willing, and ready.

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