Classic Sets, Subsets, & General Practices




Li Jia Sets, Subsets, General Techniques & Practices

Li Chan Kung Fu Chuan Tao/Sets (empty hand routines)

Hu Ho Tao I/Tiger-Crane Set I

Ming Xiao Tao/Bright Little Set

Kai Men Tao/Opening the Door Set

Ming Chuan Tao/Bright Fist Set

Yin Yang Yi Tao/Yin Yang Mind Set

Mei Fah Chuan Tao/Plum Flower Fist Set

Longjuanfeng Twe Tan/Tornado Set (Twe Tan = sparring demeanor set)

Mook Jong Twe Tan/Wooden Dummy Set

Tuo Di Ling Hui Chi Tao/Student Finds Chi Set

Hu Ho Tao II/Tiger-Crane Set II

Nei Kung Tao/Internal Effort Set – aka The 108

Chang Tao/Long Path – aka Dui Tao/Group Set

Li Chan Kung Fu & Li Jia Tai Chi Chuan Primary Weapon Tao/Sets

Gan Tao/Staff Set

The 32 – aka Jen Tao/Straightsword Set

The 42 – aka Tao Tao/Broadsword or Saber Set

Li Jia Tai Chi Chuan Tao/Sets (empty hand routines)

Peking 24 – aka Nei Tao/Internal Path (traditional simplified & simplified adjusted routines)

The 48 – aka Ming Shen Tao/Bright Spirit Path

The 64 – aka Nei Chia Tao/Internal School of Thought Set

The 78 – aka Nei Jing Tao/Internal Power Set

Li Jia Health/Wellness/Martial Formal Chi Kung Tao/Sets (aka Qigong vs. Chi Kung)

Ming Chia Tao/Bright Beautiful School of Thought Set

Baduanjin Tao/Eight Pieces of (Silk) Brocade Set

Li Jia Subsets


Crying Help

Dance of the Crane

Eight Section Brocade (washing)

Eight Section Warm-Up Stretch

Floor/Stationary Stretches

Horizon Walking


Little Stance

Pushups & Yin/Yang Pull-Ups

Ready Stance

Short Spear

12/18/24 Highly Simplified Side-to-Side Tai Chi Chuan


Walking the Tai Chi Tu/Kung Fu Circle

Traditional Techniques, Practices, & Concepts/Philosophy/Theory

Acupoint/Cavity Study

Adrenal Stress Training

Archery (archaic)

Art’s History

Assertive/Healing/Resonant Sound Theory

Bag Work

Baqua Charts & Hexagram/Trigram Concepts

Basic Fists/Hands/Kicks

Bending Sound/Light

Body Slapping/Ear Massaging Chi Kung

Breathing Theory

Centerline Theory

Chi/Bioelectric & Jing Theory

Chi Kung Homeostasis Concepts

Chin Na Theory

Cuffing/Slapping Practices

Dance of the Crane

Dark Arts/Hēi’àn yìshù Theory

Dim Mak Theory

Drunken Demeanor/Mien

Eightfold Healthful Path

False Floor Theory

Five/Eight Animal Concepts

Five Kung Fu Virtues

Fluidity/Stress Theory

Footwork/Stance Training (includes muscle testing/kinesiology & alignment)

Four Keys

Glimpse of Heaven Theory

Gratitude/True Appreciation & Miracle of the Moment

Great Ape Chi Kung

Great Emissary

Great Riddle


Guided Imagery/Visualization Types:

Acupoint Stimulation Guided Imagery (treatment);

Emptying the Mind;

Five Gates Guided Imagery;

Five Senses Guided Imagery;

Great Yin-Yang Cyclic Breathing Guided Imagery;

Intrinsic Breathing Guided Imagery;

Long Breathing Guided Imagery;

Meridian Guided Imagery 1 & 2;

Real Tan Tien Breathing Guided Imagery – aka Fanning the Sparkling Real Tan Tien Furnace (CV-8/navel);

Skin Breathing Guided Imagery;

Small Cycle Breathing Guided Imagery;

Spiritual Bath Guided Imagery;

Tan Tien (circulatory/CV-6) Breathing Guided Imagery

Hands/Shoulders/Face/Feet Relaxation Points

Hard/Soft & Martial/Health Chi Kung Theory

Holistic Movement Concepts

Horizon Sitting

Horizon Walking

H’ou T’ou

In-Posture Rising/Sinking Chi Kung

Instruction Theory

Internal/External Theory

Iron Hand Concepts

Iron Shirt Concepts

Knife Throwing (archaic)

Lightness of Being

Light Side/Dark Side Concepts

Long Wall Theory

Lotus Flower Blossoms saying

Mapping Concepts

Master’s Song/Narrative Concepts

Mindfulness Meditation Concepts

Ming Chia/Tao-Chan Philosophy: The Bright Beautiful School of Thought

Modeling Techniques

Moving Meditation Concepts

Moving/Standing Chi Kung Concepts

Noble Truths


Opening the Door/Parting the Veil Meditation

Opponent Visualization

Playing the Part of the Less & Less Blemished Witness (meditation)

Passing the Harvest Chi Kung

Pattern Literacy Plum Flower Post Training

Poetic Analogy

Probity/Ethics & General Social & Spiritual Philosophy

Puppetmaster Theory

Purposeful Falling

Reeling Silk

Re-Learning Techniques

Required Readings: Traditional & Modern Text Study/Discussion

Rolling Steps Salutations

Same (common) Boat Theory

Sets/Catalog Concepts

Slow/Medium/Fast Sparring Concepts

Solution Concepts

Song of Lightness (aka Bright Lightness – The Jester of Light)

Spastic Demeanor/Mien

Swaying Willow Demeanor/Mien

Swaying Willow Chi Kung

Tai Chi Classics

Tao-Chan/Ming Chia Philosophy

Theory of Lightness

Thinking-through Theory

Three Portents

Three Marks of Being

Throwing Star/Coin Practice (archaic)

Traditional Pertinent Feng Shui

True Forgiveness

True Freedom

True Happiness

True Health & Wellness Philosophy/Concepts

True Health Through True Responsibility

True Honesty

True Meditation

True Relaxation Theory

Two-Person Gan Tao/Way-of-Staff

Two-Person Jen Tao/Way-of-Sword

Two-Person Multiple Step Drills

Two-Person Tao Tao/Way-of-Sword

Two-Person Variable Weapons (various weapons against each other)

Visual Meditative Demeanor

Warding Off/Root Theory

Way-of-Hands/Push Hands (various levels)

Wooden Demeanor/Mien

Wu Wei/Acting Without Acting Theory

Yin/Yang Tai Chi Theory

Yin Tang/Stamp Hall/Third Eye Forehead Point Concepts

Traditional Health/Wellness/Healing/Remedial Arts

(*Requires initial intense study of anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, & medical nomenclature – the latter = both conventional & TCM)

Acupuncture Theory (Zhēnjiǔ)

Basic Psychology

Body Feng Shui

Chi Kung

Chi Kung An Mo

Dermatome Concepts

Diagnostic Theory/Practice

Five Phases/Elements/Pernicious Influences/Yin-Yang Theory

Guided Imagery/Visualization

Herbal Theory

Healing/Resonant Sounds

Hexagram/Trigam Equations/Concepts

Joint Manipulation


Kinesiology Kung Fu

Marrow Washing – aka Xi Sui Jing & Muscle/Tendon Changing – aka Yi Jin Jing

Meridian Theory

Neurolymphatic Massage Points

Neurovascular Holding Points

Nutrition (Eastern & conventional)

Spinal Vertebrae Reflex Technique

Stretching Techniques/Concepts

Tai Chi Chuan

Traditional Physical Therapy

‘True Health’ Wellness/Preventive Theory

Tui Na (including acupressure)

Walking/Jogging/Running Chi Kung

Wellness Coaching & Instruction


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