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Glen and his wife
Glen & his wife Luann are the owners of the offices & school in Mason City. He has a doctorate degree in psychology, & also a doctorate degree in these associated health & wellness arts – inclusive of traditional health & wellness philosophy, probity, theory, & practices. He is a master instructor of Li-Jia Tai Chi Chuan, Li-Jia Chi Kung, Li-Chan Kung Fu, & associated health & wellness philosophy, probity, theory, & practices. He is also a part-time individual/marital counselor & wellness coach, & has written a book: A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health.

Counseling & Wellness Coaching

Glen is a part-time individual & marital counselor & wellness coach. Counseling focuses most specifically on emotional difficulties, & wellness coaching centers on general health/wellness priorities & issues (of the whole person). Both center on building on client dreams & purposes, assisting clients in turning goals into achievable plans & actions – intention into reality. The ultimate goal of counseling & wellness coaching is to assist clients in gaining deeper & deeper insight (inclusive of their values & objectives), thus increasing self-awareness, developing a more healthful self-concept, & enjoying greater & greater levels of self-efficacy – realization of the wherewithal to sustain healthful changes & ongoingly blossom further & further toward their own vision of True Health (as a way-of-life).
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Instruction in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, & Health/Wellness Philosophy & Practices

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In exercising an objective view, it is significant to understand that ALL aspects of these arts manifest the many facets that are the ’gem’ of their total, inclusive of particular aspects of the art which are taught at the school: tai chi chuan, chi kung, kung fu, dim mak, probity, & health & wellness philosophy, theory & practices. Within the school setting, tai chi chuan, kung fu, and chi kung are taught as self-defense, though most of the tai chi chuan & chi kung group classes are not inclusive of the traditional self-defense aspects (taught primarily for exercise, meditation, relaxation, & overall health maintenance & benefits, e.g., in the spirit of preventive health & wellness philosophy). It is important to own the notion that it takes TIME & EFFORT to become proficient in these arts: Once one does reach a competent level, the mental and physical benefits are amazing. *Of further note: no matter how taught, we traditionally believe & act upon the notion that the TRUE meaning of self-defense is self-defense against our own weaknesses & bad habits. Our PRIMARY GOAL is student wellness, e.g., wellness of the body, mind, & spirit.

About Us

Mason City Tai Chi~Chi Kung~Kung Fu & Wellness Center LLC

11 East State St.
Mason City, IA
Tel: 641-423-2648
E-Mail: instructor@masoncitytaichi.com

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Mondays & Thursdays: 4pm to 9pm
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 2:30pm to 9pm
Fridays: 2:30pm to 7pm
Saturdays: Noon to 7pm
**Morning & Sunday appointments are available upon request.

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