Eight Pieces of Brocade Chi Kung

Li-Jia Chi Kung Eight Pieces of (Silk) Brocade (Ba Duan-Jing) of Monk Li Shih-Kaik  (1670)

Open Chi Kung 

  1. Heaven & Earth Accord
  2. Drinking Movement
  3. Heaven & Earth Accord
  4. Monk Adjusts Robe

The First Piece of Brocade: Raising Ground & A Glimpse of Heaven Chi Kung

Congruent with proper breathing, this technique therapeutically stretches, strengthens, and soothes the San Jiao/Triple Warmer and its attributes – inclusive of the three primary centerline Triple Warmer points, e.g., Shangjiao: between the Baihui pt. (head pt.) and the Danzhong pt. (chest pt.) – Zhongjiao: between the Danzhong pt. and the Shenque pt (abdomen pt.) – Xiajiao: between the Shenque pt. and the Yongquan pt. (foot pt.); additionally, it greatly enhances the overall health and flexibility of the upper spine.

The Second Piece of Brocade: Drawing the Bow Chi Kung

Congruent with proper breathing, this technique helps prevent/is a therapy for poor posture and spinal illness, coronary difficulties, cardialgia, pleurisy, chronic hepatitis, and general thoracic problems – stimulates Lung, Heart, and Master of the Heart/Pericardium, back Shu points, and corresponding Meridians for healthful chi circulation and balance.

The Third Piece of Brocade: Balance Heaven & Earth Chi Kung (aka I Ching #11)

Congruent with proper breathing, this technique therapeutically strengthens, soothes, and gently stretches the Spleen and Stomach, their Meridians and attributes, and stretches abdominal musculature and the whole spine and corresponding muscles.

The Fourth Piece of Brocade: Five Phases Chi Kung (aka Reaching for Heaven & Earth) 

This technique is designed to free/ease the “five strains” of the Five Phases, associated with the five Yin Organs/Meridians and their attributes – the ‘strains being: significant stress/anxiety damages the blood – too much or too little sleep damages the chi – too much sitting damages the muscles – too much standing damages the bones – too little or too much exercise damages the tendons; correspondingly, there are also what are coined the “Seven  Pernicious Influences, e.g.,: excessive hunger or eating are problematic for the Spleen; anger is problematic for the Liver; overt amounts of sexual intercourse is problematic for the Kidneys; excess damp cold or excess amounts of cold drinks are problematic for the Lungs; sadness, depression, stress and/or anxiety are problematic for the heart and cardiovascular system; excess wind and rain combined (especially) with excess heat or cold are problematic to the skin and structure of the body; extreme fear/terror/alarm are problematic for the brain and whole central nervous system. Congruent with proper breathing, the Five phases technique is particularly suited to unblocking the encumbrances which inhibit the free flow of energy and blood in order abbreviate the negative effects of these ‘stains’ and ‘pernicious influences’. Additionally, the correct turning of the head in this technique is believed to activate homeostasis of the central nervous system; it exercises the eyes and enhances eyesight and promotes greater blood circulation to the brain by gently moving/stretching the cervical  spine. This technique may assist those with cranial vascular illness, stress/anxiety illness, sleep disorders, and various cervical spine illnesses. The gentle side-to-side stretching enhances Lung, Heart, and Kidney health.

The Fifth Piece of Brocade: Muscle Changing & Witnessing Wide to Collect Vigor Chi Kung

Congruent with proper breathing, fluctuation between tensity and relaxation tones the body and enhances both vigor and relaxation skills. Also, Liver and eye health are promoted, e.g., the Liver governs the eyes, muscles, tendons/sinew. The health of these attributes compliment one another. According to these health arts, not-focusing/not staring (as taught) relaxes the eyes, body, and mind, promoting Liver health by releasing Liver Fire.

The Sixth Piece of Brocade: Shake the Head and Wag the Tail Chi Kung

The lumbar region is the region of the kidneys. Congruent with proper breathing, this technique’s swaying movement of the waistline promotes arterial circulation to the Kidneys, enhancing Kidney health.

The Seventh Piece of Brocade: Iron Hands Chi Kung

With proper breathing, this technique particularly enhances upper body strength and youthfulness.

The Eighth Piece of Brocade: Toss Off the Hardship Chi Kung

Congruent with proper breathing, this technique is meant to release all disease, in analogy and literally, e.g., promoting a healthful Yin/Yang balance (homeostasis) of ones mind, body, and spirit. Its movements stimulate the entire body, and as with all chi kung and tai chi chuan techniques, they are engineered to move body’s musculature in an order congruent with Five Element Theory. Unlike most particular chi kung techniques, the Toss Off the Hardship technique is specifically designed so that EVERY part of the body is tended to. Most chi kung sets/routines are made up of numerous techniques which affect every part of the body by way of their total.

Close Chi Kung

  1. Monk Adjusts Robe
  2. Heaven & Earth Accord
  3. Drinking Movement
  4. Heaven & Earth Accord
  5. Crossing Hands

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