Beginner Basics, Chi Kung & ’24 Tai Chi Subset’

Beginner Basics, Chi Kung & ’24 Tai Chi Subset’

Proper Stances, Postures, Breathing, & other key notions (central to everything we do):

  • Tongue against the roof of mouth (enhancing governing and central vessel connection)
  • Shoulders, hands, feet, and face relaxed (“if they are relaxed, your are relaxed”)
  • Knees and elbows always bent at their straightest
  • While in ‘horse stance’ (as shown), turn your toes inward at bit (e.g., ‘pigeon toed’)
  • Tailbone and chin both ever so slightly tucked (& generally keep the spine vertical)
  • Eyes gaze slightly above the imagined horizon (except of course when watching the instructor)
  • Advance Abdominal Breathing (performed more in summer/releases heat), e.g., when breathing in, push your belly out (fill) – and when breathing out, pull your belly in (empty)
  • Reverse Abdominal Breathing (performed more in winter/creates heat), e.g., when breathing in, pull your belly in, when breathing out, push your belly out/relax diaphragm
  • As instructed, perform the proper timing of breath relative to the movements
  • Learn to utilize the healing sounds and meditative visualization techniques
  • Goal is to relax the mind and body and move as if all parts are connected
  • Endeavor to utilize only the necessary level of musculature to perform movements
  • To relax and empty the mind (inclusive of relieving stress) – the spirit is light like a feather; thoughts are heavy, a tense body is heavy – the goal is to combine the mind, body, and spirit in order to put the ‘theory of lightness’ into practice
  • Most simply (and as a tool), the better we learn to empty the mind, the better we learn to control stress and move in a fluid, light, relaxed, and connected fashion
  • The hands are the ’puppet masters’ for the body and feet and if one part of the body is moving then all parts are moving – as if all body parts are connected and ’one’ whole
  • Except in a totally relaxed position (arms dangling), always leave room for a ‘lemon’ in our armpits, e.g., elbows do not touch the torso, albeit they aren’t raised unnecessarily either: “don’t drop the lemon or crush the lemon”…as the saying goes
  • Chi Kung Stretching Set

    (Chi Kung warm-up exercises & overall promotion of health)

    1. Twisting Toward Heaven
    2. Poke Stance Stretch
    3. Forward Bow Stretch
    4. Ankle Stretch – Inward
    5. Ankle Stretch – Outward
    6. Rolling Legs Stretch
    7. Spinning the Wheel Stretch
    8. Ilio-Tibial Band Stretch

    Eight Pieces of (Silk) Brocade Chi Kung

    (Chi Kung warm-up exercises & for overall promotion of health)

    1. Raising Ground & A Glimpse of Heaven Chi Kung
    2. Drawing the Bow Chi Kung
    3. Balance heaven & Earth Chi Kung
    4. Five Phases Chi Kung
    5. Muscle Changing & Witnessing Wide to Collect Vigor Chi Kung
    6. Shake the Head & Wag the Tail Chi Kung
    7. Iron Hands Chi Kung
    8. Toss Off the Hardship Chi Kung

    Horizon Walking Chi Kung

    (improves/reinforces body balance & overall homeostasis)

    Ming Chia Chi Kung Set

    (Chi Kung warm-up exercises & for overall promotion of health)

    1. Lotus Flower Blossoms Chi Kung
    2. Seeing Chi Kung
    3. Parting the Veil Chi Kung
    4. Tiger Holding Ball Chi Kung
    5. Reaching for Heaven & Earth Chi Kung
    6. Five Postures Chi Kung

    Swaying Willow Chi Kung

    (aids one in realizing the full benefits of all of the chi kung)

    Highly Simplified (side to side) Tai Chi Chuan – ‘The 24’ Subset

    1. Open Tai Chi
    2. Part the Wild Horse Mane
    3. Brushing Clouds
    4. Crane Flashes Wings
    5. Creep Down & Press
    6. Repulse the Monkey
    7. Raise Wings (hands) & Press
    8. Box Ears
    9. Crane Stands on One Leg
    10. Brush Knee
    11. Rise to Land & Ride Tiger
    12. Working at Shuttles
    13. Single Whip
    14. Willow Wraps
    15. Passing Palms
    16. Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail & Ward Off
    17. Dragon Darts from Water
    18. Pat Horse & Ride High
    19. Shoot & Snap the Willow
    20. Tickles Fancy
    21. Ride Tiger & Turn to Counterpoise
    22. Stretch Wings, Cross Centerline, & Press Down
    23. Wrap the Moon
    24. Close Tai Chi

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